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Tao of Tea Orange Pu-erh


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A blend of sweet orange essence and a cooked style pu-erh. We intentionally use a delicate balance of the orange so as not to overpower the natural leaf taste. This is a combination of strong, smooth, dark pu-erh and the refreshing taste of orange. Well-balanced sweetness that can pair dry, spicy foods.

The history of pu-erh tea originates from the small town of Puerh in Yunnan. Teas shipped along the Silk Road to Tibet, India and beyond, gained a characteristic earthy, musky aroma and smooth, sweet slightly smoky taste due to the humid environment and long journey. A special tea processing technique emerged to allow the leaves to continue to ferment over time, and so that the mature taste would develop at the end of the long caravan journey. Tea scholars have also contributed that there is an inherent special characteristic in the tea plant varietal Da Ye (‘Big Leaf’ varietal of Camellia assamica). This varietal is abundant across the entire Yunnan Province, parts of Burma, Assam in India and Northern Thailand.

While classic pu-erhs are made from old growth tea plants (several hundred years old and wildgrown), cooked style pu-erhs are mostly made from newly propagated plants that are cultivated every season. The leaf processing imitates the effects of the long journeys and humid environments.

A blend of sweet, Organic Mandarin Orange essence and Pu-erh.

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