Tea Brewing Instructions

To experience the best flavor it is recommended that you start with cold, good-tasting water. If you don’t like the way your tap water tastes, use a filter or bottled water.

Type of Tea Water Temperature Steep Time
White Tea ≈ 180° F 1-8 minutes (Depending on type)
Green Tea ≈ 160° F 1-3 minutes
Green Oolong ≈ 160° F 3-4 minutes
Dark Oolong ≈ 190° F 5-8 minutes
Black Tea Rolling Boil 3-5 minutes
Tisanes (Herbal and fruit blends) Rolling Boil 5-8 minutes

The temperature of the water does not need to be exact; you just want to be careful to not use boiling water for white and green teas, since this can lead to a bitter flavor.

When bringing the water to a rolling boil, don’t let it boil for a long period of time, because this will deplete the oxygen from the water.

Feel free to experiment! Some people like their tea stronger and some like it on the more mild side. Find what tastes best to you!